Magic shows for your event.
Mind-blowing. Entertaining. Magical.
If you want to leave your guests wonder-struck, look no further: Kolos will mesmerise your guests with his jaw-dropping spectacle.
kolos DELIGHTEd passengers for more than 500 days on sea on norwegian, swedish, finNish, english and french vessels.
KOLOS appeared as THE magician in katy perry's firework videoclip, which brought him a little fame and loads of good karma.
HE is one of the youngest magicianS, who gained membership to the FFFF fraternity, one of the most prestigious close-up magic association in the world.
kolos is a FREQUENT guest in commercial tv shows WHERE HE DISPLAYS HIS MAGICAL TALENTS, both as a performer and as a MAGIC-consultant FOR CELEBRITIES.

"I can't believe this"

― Dynamo

Close-up magic

for a more intimate experience

If you want to take your event to the next level, make sure that Kolos is walking amongst the tables, leaving the audience mesmerized by his visual card magic and sleight of hand miracles. Kolos's performance excellence earned him international recognition in magic societies. He will take you on a path that is both engineered to perfection and magically entertaining. You will only ask yourself: how did he do that?

Parlor and stage magic

for the bigger events

Kolos's stage performance is the right choice for larger audiences. This is a show of great mystery: well composed set pieces with music and interactive, fun routines blended together, making sure that your event will go in the right – magical – direction. It requires more preparation and technical equipment, but hey, when it comes to stage magic, every little detail has to be in place to make your event unforgettable.

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Like many other children, Kolos owned a magic kit filled with a few basic tricks. Maybe this would have been the extent of his magic repertoire, but his brother gifted him a special magic trick for his 13th birthday. From that moment onward, Kolos was driven to make the best magic! At 14 years old, he met a famous Hungarian magician who mentored him for 5 years and taught him the ins and outs of magic. But most importantly Kolos learned how to entertain people. From the age of 16, he attended magic conventions in Italy, England, and Sweden, winning awards and receiving recognition by well-known members of magic society.

Later, Kolos traveled to the USA and performed at the most prestigious magic club, the FFFF, and earned a Bachelor of Magic Diploma there.  At 20, he performed at the renowned John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC. Then at 21, he wowed audience on television in Got Talent with his magic skills. Since then, Kolos appeared in Katy Perry’s Firework music video and entertained thousands on cruise lines and at corporate events.

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